Sugarfina Candy Boxes

Ok, some might find these a tad extravagant, but I think they are the PERFECT gift to always have on hand. A housewarming, dinner party, birthday, they are such a nice little gesture or addition to a bigger gift for nearly any occasion. I have begun stocking up on them anytime they have any sort of sale or promotion, as I like having them on-hand should something come up – they also always have great giveaways and deals on their Instagram page! My favorites are the classic flavors, like the champagne bears (made with real Dom Perignon!) or the roses, but my partner is a huge fan of the bourbon bears and caramel balls. If you’re looking for little gifts to have on hand, I recommend mini picture frames, a few nice candles, and a few Sugarfina candy boxes. The only hard part will be resisting temptation long enough to actually gift them!

KIP Sleepwear

If there is one thing that has really “sparked joy” for me recently, its finally investing in a really high quality pair of pajamas. When you think about it, what outfit gets more wear than pajamas? You sleep in them, lounge in them, cuddle in them – an old shirt just doesn’t cut it. I saw one of the women wearing these on one of “The Real Housewives…” episodes and instantly fell in love. The brand is called KIP Sleepwear, and all of their pajamas are so cute its ridiculous. The material is incredibly soft and silky, but also super breathable and light. Also, they can be monogrammed! These pjs would make such a sweet gift for your mum or a girlfriend; I myself am now completely hooked and will never look back. #treatyoursleep!

The Daily Edited Monogrammed Cardholder and Phone Case

I LOVE anything monogrammed. Phone cases, PJs, stationary – I love it all, and no one does it better than The Daily Edited! I fell in love with this company when I was living in Australia, where they are a household name. Although they are a bit on the pricier side, TDE products are durable, elegant and oh-so-adorable. My personal favorite products are their monogrammed leather phone cases, and the four card holder. I have used mine every single day for two years now, and they still look brand new. What’s more, their products make perfect gifts! They have all sorts of accessories available – purses, stationary, travel tags – all in a wide assortment of colors and materials. Everything about these beauties is customizable from the font size, style, color and added extra designs. TDE products are available at various pop-up locations around the US, but unfortunately are only available online for Canadians at the moment (through a US site). Still, they are SO worth it!

Mepal Storage

Is there anything better than cute Tupperware? If you’re anything like me, the odds of packing your own lunch go up 100% if you have adorable storage. These guys are made in Holland and come in a ton of gorgeous colors, are BPA free, leak-proof, dishwasher approved, freezer-friendly AND microwave-safe! I use mine every single day, and colleagues always as where I got them. I personally bought mine from Welk’s in Vancouver, but they are available in homeware stores all over Canada, or online here.