2.5 Weeks in Alaska

This was another trip suggestion I had for our vacation this summer. It is designed to begin in Vancouver, as the first few days is spent in Manning park and then cruising up the coast, but I’m sure it could be cut down or done from many of the cruise ship ports in North America. Although we didn’t end up choosing Alaska, this is an itinerary that I am SO excited to test out in the future. It took a long time to research the best route through the region, but I think this itinerary covers all the ‘highlights’ without breaking the bank which, admittedly, seems very tough to do in Alaska! Although it seems like a somewhat pricey place to visit, I hope this post inspires you to make the journey up North; it seems like a pretty phenomenal experience!

2.5 Weeks in Nicaragua

This was an itinerary I suggested to my partner for our summer break (hence the scattered personal notes – sorry!). We ended up combining parts of this trip with Costa Rica, which is an itinerary I will post in the next couple of weeks. I am super keen to head back to Nicaragua in the future – it is such an amazing country and isn’t at all expensive to travel through! The culture is amazing, the food is great, and the adventures are endless. Especially if you’re a diver, I really recommend adding Nicaragua to your bucket list!

5 Days in Tasmania

While I was living in Sydney, my partner and I spent Easter long weekend campervanning across Tasmania. It was one of the cheapest, and by far the funnest weekend we have ever had. Tasmania is a place that is just so surprising – it has lots of incredible hiking, wine tasting, beaches – if you are anywhere near Australia or New Zealand, it is absolutely worth visiting. We ended up going with Hertz auto rental for our van, as they allowed us to fly into and pick it up in Hobart, then drive it up and leave it in Launceston, which we flew out of. The itinerary was made before we went, so it doesn’t speak much of the wine tasting, but we ended up stopping at so many amazing wineries along the way! We found tons of free campgrounds and parking options along the way, and cooked most of our food on the portable stovetop in our van or over a fire at the campgrounds, so the weekend was also SO inexpensive. If you’re in the mood for an escape somewhere rural and majestic, five days in Tasmania is just what you need!

2.5 Weeks in Colombia and Ecuador

Although I personally have not done this one yet, this is an itinerary I suggested for our upcoming South America trip. I have always wanted to visit Colombia and Ecuador for their great outdoor activities, incredible coffee, and lively atmosphere, so I am still hoping to put this itinerary to use soon! Please let me know if you have any added suggestions; we love to hear from you!

Two Weeks in Sri Lanka

Last December, my partner and I spent just over two weeks travelling around Sri Lanka. Needless to say, the trip was INCREDIBLE. The itinerary we followed gave us a great overall sense of the country, and we had so many amazing experiences! From beaches, to safaris, to unforgettable cultural experiences, Sri Lanka has it all. I would highly recommend checking it out for your next vacation, before the tourists invade! Please feel free to ask any questions regarding hotels/activities/restaurants that you may have, as there are just too many great spots to list.