The Power of Eye Contact

I ran into an old friend yesterday, and we had a nice little catch-up. I left feeling so reconnected and positive about the interaction, and I was trying to work out what it was that gave me such a feeling. Sure, her cheery demeanour was a contributing factor, but later on it hit me: she made great eye contact!

There was a great article I read recently (linked below) about why eye contact is important and how it changes our human interaction. I think when we are caught up in the speed of daily life, we often forget the importance of really listening and engaging properly in conversation, without glancing around or looking at our phones. So why not try this: for the next week, whenever you speak to someone, try to make real, attentive eye contact while they are talking. I have been trying it for the last 24 hours, and I am actually so surprised by the difference it has made in the quality of my discussions, no matter how brief! Give it a go; you’ll see what I mean.

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