Making Yourself More Attractive

We all like to feel attractive. We get dressed up, throw on our favorite pair of heels and spend hours slaving away with a hair straightener hoping to make ourselves more beautiful when, in reality, so much of attraction comes from the emotional. Here are some quick, easy ways to make yourself seem more attractive to the opposite sex, that don’t involve hair products:

Smile and be positive: When you run into someone or meet up with them, greet them with warmth and kindness. That whole “cold hearted and sexy” thing almost never works; people want to be happy and like being around people who radiate positivity.

Be excited about your life: Showing that you’re passionate and proud of your accomplishments, and excited about what you’re doing, is a HUGE turn on. Ask anybody. This doesn’t mean you should ramble endlessly about it, but even just throwing in a “yea, its great, I’m really excited about it” can go a long way in painting you as a ‘person to know’.

Make eye contact and touch appropriately: Body language is huge – how you show up to someone and they way you move around them is a big indicator of your feelings. Make eye contact, nod, and touching them (when appropriate – like a tap on the arm when saying “Oh right, I meant to tell you…”) are all great ways to build attraction.

Ask questions: Often the people we find most attractive are the people who we don’t know everything about, but who make us feel good in their presence. An easy way to accomplish this is by asking questions, and really taking an interest in their answers. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: people love to talk about themselves, so let them!

This is by no means an exhaustive list, and I’m not denying the importance of physical attraction in making a connection. But, next time you run into a cutie at the grocery store, or go on a first date, try these little tips and watch the sparks fly!

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