What to Do With a One-Sided Relationship

No matter what people say, love isn’t always easy. Especially when the love is real, but from one direction. This can be absolutely heart-breaking, but it doesn’t necessarily mean the end. As we have touched on before, people show love and appreciation differently, and there are ways to navigate relationships that feel one-sided.

The most important thing in addressing this issue, is to do it respectfully and calmly. If you are correct, and he is not quite in the same state of love as you, blowing up about it could very much be the breaking point. Instead, try addressing it in a fun way; for me, when I’m feeling like its me leading every conversation or being ignored, I send a “why do you hate me” with a broken heart emoji. It sounds childish, but it does the trick. In the past, partners will usually explain that they were busy at work, or blow the comment off. If it happens repeatedly, then it may be time for a more serious chat. I find the best way to approach that one is just to be really honest without attacking: “I am so happy and excited to be with you – I just feel like sometimes I am the only one who is fuelling the fire”. There may be good reason, but you won’t know until you open up a dialogue.

If even after talking about it, things don’t change, then you need to be ok with moving on. If the love and investment isn’t equal, and he isn’t showing up for you, then its time to spend your precious time elsewhere. Don’t wait around for someone who isn’t willing to make you a priority – if its not working, its time to cut your losses and move on to someone who understands your value.

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