A Fun Quarantine Project

I know a lot of us are running out of things to do. We have made enough sourdough to feed an army, have read every book on the shelf and are tired of doing the same puzzles over and over. Last week I started a fun little project, and I thought I’d share it with you!

I ordered a book on wines: “Wine Folly”. It is designed for all-level readers, and basically just runs though the basics of wine tasting, regions, and classifications in a fun, easy-to-follow way. I have gone to tons of wine tastings and would say I have a pretty solid base of wine knowledge, but I realized that there is still so much to learn, and now is the perfect opportunity to get on it! There are lots of great free online courses right now; the one that I am taking is through Coursera and I’m really enjoying it so far. I have picked a region (British Columbia) to focus on in my study, ordered another book specifically on that region (unnecessary, but I thought it would be fun considering I’m from BC), and have bought a case of assorted BC award-winning wines from EverythingWines.com (not sponsored, just a really easy wine shop to order from!). I am going to do a tasting of each of the wines, make some tasting notes, and expand my wine knowledge! I may even throw in some cheese pairings throughout the week for ummm… knowledge’s sake.

Other great books on wine, besides Wine Folly, that I have heard of are The Wine Atlas and Secrets of the Sommelier. I think I will save those for my next Amazon Prime binge, but they are meant to be great go-to books on wine. If you’re not a wine person, not a problem at all – why not try doing the same with tea! There are lots of great resources on a huge number of topics out there – both free and for purchase – so why not take this time to become an expert in something you love? Cheers!

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