The Cookbook I Can't Live Without

This is completely unsponsored and I am totally unconnected to this writer, but I bought this cookbook while I was living in Australia, and I truly could not say enough about it. It is called COMMUNITY, by Arthur Street Kitchen, and it is a godsend. If you are someone who is quite health-conscious, but who really enjoys cooking and entertaining, you NEED this book. It is full of healthy, vegetarian (some vegan) dishes, that can be used as side dishes or full sized meals. Any time I want to impress my partner’s family, I whip out something from this book. The ingredients aren’t difficult to find, anyone can follow the steps, and the results are amazing. I haven’t seen the book available for purchase anywhere in Canada, but it is definitely available on Amazon and I’m sure many Australian book shops would have no problem shipping it to you. Even if I just change one person’s life through this cookbook, this post will be worth it!

Some of my other favorites include Joy of Cooking, Plenty More and Dining In. I tend to like books that are more “plant-forward”, with a few simple meat and fish recipes, so I really love the Oh She Glows! books as well. As we get older and start “adulting”, its fun to start developing your go-to meal repertoire – these books will make that task a heck of a lot easier!

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