Cute Date Ideas at Home

If you’re as hokey as me, you love a good cute date night. Unfortunately, my parter has worked insane hours at a finance firm for most of our relationship, so we go for months only really seeing each other after 8pm. Because of that, I got really good at coming up with fun at-home date night ideas! These work great if you’re just getting to know each other or you’ve lived together for years; its always a good time to surprise him and have some fun.

Themed dinners: I love picking a cooking theme for the week, and making a different recipe each day according to that theme. It sounds silly, but its super fun and really easy. For example, during Italian week we made pizzas, pastas and… more pastas. We watched La Dolce Vita, and drank Aperol Spritz. Its dorky, but so, so fun! We’ve done Mexican week, Chinese week, Thai week, Italian week and Spanish week (so…much…sangria), and I’m looking forward to doing a Japanese week soon.

Spa night: Spoil your man with a spa night! Get a couple of face masks (I personally love the mud masks from Lush, especially if you pop them in the fridge for a few hours), buy some sparkling wine and bubble up the bubble bath. Pampering and relaxing with each other can be SO fun, and its an easy way to throw some romance into a dull night.

At-home picnic: You’ve seen it on Instagram. Bust out the fairy lights and candles, and set up a picnic in your backyard or patio. Make some snacks and a nice dinner, or just order in take-out! Anything to break out of the norm, create a little intimacy, and reconnect as a couple.

These dates also work great for a first date, should your plans get rained out. They show that you are fun and creative, and also that you don’t take yourself too seriously. Most importantly, all of these options are super conversation-friendly! Bring on the rain.

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