Productive Projects for a Day In

Got a second? We rarely get a full day – or for some of us, even a few hours – entirely to ourselves, so make the most of it! Especially for those of us dealing with home isolations amid the COVID-19 pandemic; these are scary times, and its nice to keep busy to keep your mind off of things. These are some low-key, simple tasks you can get done from inside the house that will make you feel like you’ve had a productive day, even if you never left the couch.

1. Invest your money. While you’ve got a second, why not make some money? Set up a TFSA account with an investing account (I like Questrade) and watch the money roll in. You don’t even need much to get started! I started out putting $500 in my account, but with an average of 7% increase per year, you will be surprised how quickly the account grows. It’s much more simple than you think – they have accounts you that will create a portfolio for you, so you don’t really need to know anything about investing to get going!

2. Clean up your digital spaces. Upload photos, update your hard drive, tidy up your desktop – all of those annoying little tasks are the perfect task do check off while you’re burning through your next Netflix marathon.

3. Pick up a cookbook and make something. Everyone has those cookbooks on their shelf, full of beautiful pictures and wonderful recipes, that do nothing but collect dust. Pick up one of them, and give it a go! People think you need every single ingredient on the list to make something great happen – if you don’t have something, swap it out for something different and make your own magic! Obviously you cannot make most baked goods without flour, but believe me when I say your that mac and cheese will be delicious with or without parsley.

4. Embrace the relaxation. If you’ve got some time to relax, why not set an intention to make the most of it? Throw on a face mask, pick up a good book and go have a soak in the tub – you deserve it.

5. Make a list. Make a list for anything! Your next vacation, your bucket list, your yearly wish list, your goals list – the ‘lists’ go on. Get on Pinterest; you’d be surprised how much inspiration you can get, and how cathartic it can be.

6. Do a home workout. There are so many online workouts, why not pick a 15 minute hit and get your sweat on? Even if its just a quick 7 minute blast, your body will thank you for it.

7. Start a blog. Find something you feel passionate about, and get writing. Journaling is such a great emotional release, and who knows, you could even make some money off of it!

Now that you’ve got some ideas, get going! The most important step in making the most of your day is setting an intention and sticking with it. Happy relaxing!

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