The Three Compliments He Wants to Hear

Now this post took a little bit of research; I reached out to several men to ask what compliments mean the most to them coming from a woman of interest, and was surprised just how much overlap there was between answers. This is what they had to say:

1. “You work so hard and accomplish so much” – There is a lot of meaning in this one simple, powerful compliment. Not only are you feeding their ego in acknowledging their successes, but you are also showing that you appreciate the work that they put in. People love to feel that their efforts are valued and acknowledged, and this compliment checks that box in a gentle but straightforward way. Who knows, maybe this is what he’s been dying to hear from a boss or a family member, and the fact that you are the one to say it could be a big step forward in your relationship.

2. “You are so sexy” – Seems obvious enough, but most men LOVE to hear it. Making your partner feel desirable and attractive is a very important part of developing intimacy, from the getting to know each other stages to ten years down the line. The best part about this one, is it isn’t just reserved for the bedroom; you can remind him of it while he’s cooking dinner, studying – there is never a wrong time to tell your SO that you think he’s a sex god.

3. “You know so much about…” – Any variation of this is great. Almost every single one of the men I spoke to said that a compliment about their intelligence was a huge turn-on. Especially if they are helping you with something; making your SO feel like an expert is so simple. Simple things like “Wow, how do you know so much about this?” or “I wanted to ask you about X; I feel like you’d be a good person to ask” make your partner feel like a valued and trusted opinion. Who doesn’t want to feel valued?

None of these compliments are really outside the box or situation-dependent; they are acknowledgements that you can start giving now, and give every day. Sometimes we get so caught up in trying to make a relationship work and the million other things that we do in a day, we forget that a simple kind work can mean so much. People like to be around those who make them feel good and who they feel like their best self with, and simple compliments can go along way in bringing that feeling of closeness into your relationship.

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