The Three Mistakes You’re Making at Work

Whether you are the top of the ladder or bottom of the food chain, there is always room to improve your performance at work. No matter what your position, there are three mistakes that are probably holding you back at work, likely without you even noticing them. Try eliminating these three bad habits, and see the benefits flood in!

1. Quit gossiping at work. If there is one thing that you can do to make yourself appear immature and unreliable, it’s complaining about other employees, to other employees. Just stop it altogether. If you need to vent, wait until after work when you can complain about it over a glass of wine (or five) with an unbiased girlfriend.

2. Quit being so standoffish. People who climb ladders are quick to self-promote, and to lend their skills when appropriate. I’m not suggesting you should run around the office bragging about all of your accomplishments every moment of the day, but do not be afraid to put yourself forward for a task that you think you would perform well. Theres no harm is saying “I actually have a bit of experience with X, and I think this is a project I could handle well”. At the very least, they will be impressed with your initiative, and may keep you in mind the next time something comes around.

3. Quit being a know-it-all. One of the most important things you can learn in life is that it is ok to not know everything, and to ask for help. Employers love people who are eager to learn and to dive into their work, and the best way to do that is to really learn from your seniors. If you do mess up and someone calls you on your mistake, try your best not to take it as a personal attack. Instead, show maturity and proactiveness by asking for more feedback or advice; this gives your seniors a chance to show off their own skills while building a more trusting and personal relationship with you.

These may seem like simple little changes, but believe me when I say that they can make all the difference. When employers are looking to promote, they are looking for people who are enjoyable to work with, who are hardworking, and who want the company to succeed. The sooner you let go of the bad habits that create a negative ‘vibe’ around you at work, and the more you show your commitment to being a good employee, the sooner you will see those big paycheques rolling in!

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