Sugarfina Candy Boxes

Ok, some might find these a tad extravagant, but I think they are the PERFECT gift to always have on hand. A housewarming, dinner party, birthday, they are such a nice little gesture or addition to a bigger gift for nearly any occasion. I have begun stocking up on them anytime they have any sort of sale or promotion, as I like having them on-hand should something come up – they also always have great giveaways and deals on their Instagram page! My favorites are the classic flavors, like the champagne bears (made with real Dom Perignon!) or the roses, but my partner is a huge fan of the bourbon bears and caramel balls. If you’re looking for little gifts to have on hand, I recommend mini picture frames, a few nice candles, and a few Sugarfina candy boxes. The only hard part will be resisting temptation long enough to actually gift them!

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