5 Days in Tasmania

While I was living in Sydney, my partner and I spent Easter long weekend campervanning across Tasmania. It was one of the cheapest, and by far the funnest weekend we have ever had. Tasmania is a place that is just so surprising – it has lots of incredible hiking, wine tasting, beaches – if you are anywhere near Australia or New Zealand, it is absolutely worth visiting. We ended up going with Hertz auto rental for our van, as they allowed us to fly into and pick it up in Hobart, then drive it up and leave it in Launceston, which we flew out of. The itinerary was made before we went, so it doesn’t speak much of the wine tasting, but we ended up stopping at so many amazing wineries along the way! We found tons of free campgrounds and parking options along the way, and cooked most of our food on the portable stovetop in our van or over a fire at the campgrounds, so the weekend was also SO inexpensive. If you’re in the mood for an escape somewhere rural and majestic, five days in Tasmania is just what you need!

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