What the Heck is Adulting?

26 is a difficult age. Half of my friends are getting married and putting down payments on houses, some are just starting masters degrees while others are finishing, and some can barely find their phones. We are all at such different stages of life, and it can be so hard not to feel “behind” or “inadequate” in some way, especially when you’re sitting at home and it feels like everyone and their cat is out exploring the world. That, in large part, is why I started this blog: it is nice to feel in control of something – to have a means of collecting your thoughts and focussing on all the wonderful things you do have in your life, instead of focussing on what appears to be lacking.

Whenever I feel frustrated with where I’m at, or caught up in comparisons, I like to do an “adult” thing – write a to-do list, scrub the bathtub, or even just make a cup of tea and read a book. Doing something that feels intentional and productive takes away from the chaos of life, and helps me regain that feeling of calm and control. I think it is so important to have these little tools and tricks to help take yourself out of a funk – we all get them, and they are just a part of life – but knowing yourself and how best to get back into the light is an invaluable life skill. Next time you find yourself feeling blue, comparing yourself to the girl on Instagram sipping Aperol in a white dress while honeymooning in Greece, I implore you to put down the phone and focus on a task. Pick any task you want but pick something concrete, and throw yourself into it fully. Checking off little tasks in moments of sadness might not be a magical solution to achieving all of your goals, but it might make the big tasks or choices you’re facing seem a little less daunting. Life is not a race, and if you treat it as one you are going to miss out on so much of life’s little joys – best to take it one step at a time.

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