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I am a young woman with a mid-range salary, just trying to make life as lovely as it can be. Thats why I started The Lovely Life – a girl’s guide on how to squeeze every once of lovely out of your life. It’s all about learning to eliminate the unnecessary stresses of dating and career building, understanding how to cultivate real happiness, and enjoying the lovely little moments in between.

  • Dealing with F*ckboys

    March 29, 2020 by

    With the advent of social media and online dating, it seems that there are more “f*ckboys” around now than ever. Now, I realize this is a very vague and loose term, so I hope you know the type of guy I mean – the kind of guy who says he’ll call you right back and… Read more

  • Your Temper Could be Ruining Your Relationship

    March 26, 2020 by

    Do you feel like you and your partner are fighting all the time? Maybe, just maybe, its not about the fighting itself, but instead about how you fight. My partner, Tim, has a temper – this, I am well aware of. He tends to get emotional, especially when he is worn down, and he snaps.… Read more

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